Customer On-Boarding and Strategic Planning Process

We ensure that we understand your business and focus on technology solutions that make your business work more efficiently, more reliably and more cost effectively.  We ensure that you always get Information Technology Without The Headaches™.


We meet with you

We take the time to personally learn and gather information about you and your business to ensure we make the best technology decisions to meet your needs. Once we have all your business pain points fully fleshed out, then we’ll start the next phase of our strategic planning process.

We Investigate Your Current IT Situation

By doing a thorough assessment of your existing network infrastructure, we get to know exactly how your company runs and what custom solutions you need in order to grow. This helps us sniff out potential problems and determine where there’s room for technology upgrades or changes – so your company can run efficiently on an ongoing basis.

We Map Out Your Network Infrastructure

Once we know your business IT like the back of our hands, we begin designing a network infrastructure that allows technology to work around you – so you can easily get from where you are now to where you want to be both in the short and long term.

We Secure Your Entire System

Security means everything to your business, and it is our top priority. That is why we make sure that the IT solutions we provide help keep you secure and your data protected at all costs. This includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Hack both Internal and External to your network.

We Document and Implement

We focus on documenting your entire IT environment from PC's to Software Licenses to Networks. Then, we bring your technology solutions to life. We implement everything you need in order to run your business effectively and stress-free. We won’t let you down.

We Oversee Everything With Our BEST

We provide consistent and continuous oversight of your entire system night and day. Out BEST (Business Expert Support Team) – a professional team of IT experts – is assigned to your specific account, so you will get the IT solutions you need from people who know the ins and outs of your business. Your success matters to us, so our team won’t rest until you have the IT support you need in order to achieve your goals.